Welcome! You made it! Are you smiling? If not, you should be...life's too short for frowning, plus I've heard it causes wrinkles!

I'm Margaret Hudson, also known as, but not limited to, "Maggie", "Marge", "Mags", "Retta", "Margie", "Margarine", "Mark & Ret", "Baby Margaret", and for that weird month in middle school, "Maggie, the Maggot". I realize that introducing myself in the first sentence is a weak form of writing, I do know better and am still choosing to use it to appear informal, laid back and approachable, (is it working?) I know my 8th grade English teacher is rolling in the pits of her cave with a copy of The Primrose Way shaking her head furiously. Looking back, it doesn't shock me now that it was her favorite story.

An introduction seems silly to me as most who read this know some of my deepest, darkest secrets, and also, probably my Hulu account password. Nevertheless, for those who haven't witnessed me laughing so hard I turned bright red, cried and had a mini-asthma attack, welcome to INSPIRED WIT. As one who bought a diary because it looked cute and not to actually write it, the idea of having a place to write out my thoughts and then share them with the world in a blog seemed silly to me at first, but as one who jumps on a trend as soon as it becomes insignificant, I found myself fighting an urge to write, if, for the very least, to have parts of my life documented to reflect on. Honestly, I never imagined it to go anywhere or be something that I continued, open the lid on my "Craft Tub" and you'll see a series of various projects I've started with yet to finish, this was the plan for INSPIRED WIT. I would have never thought that, almost two full years later, I would still be writing, but now actively trying to build a community around sharing our experiences and helping others through inspiration, humor and love.

With my eye on the future, I've dedicated time to renovating INSPIRED WIT to become an all-inclusive community for my readers. New posts will be more frequent in A Bit of Wit and I've archived the original posts that brought us together, allowed me to share my life, growth, worries, power and past, in The Early Years. One of my favorite endeavors, Share yOUR Inspirationwill only continue to grow with your submissions, and Captured  will be a stream of photographic inspiration I capture in my continuous journey through NYC.

I have further hopes and dreams for INSPIRED WIT to include words of wisdom, playlists for inspiration, sections where we can share our little wins and an overall community that fosters inclusion and creativity, deep thinking, hope and laughter. As we grow, and I say "WE" because I can't, and will not, do this alone, I hope for this to become a place that feels like home, a safe haven for those lost in thought, those struggling to keep afloat, those who've climbed to the top of the mountain and are rejoicing, and those who just need a break for a minute. Along your journey, share your ideas, thoughts, suggestions and questions, this is as much your space as it is mine! 

with hope, joy and many thanks,