A Thanksgiving Miracle

This post was written in the last hours of my 27th birthday, November 24, 2015.

While my twenty-seventh birthday dwindles to an end, and the train ride back to my parent’s house in the valley drifts swiftly away from the city life I leave behind for a few days, I’d like to take a few moments to share my favorite story...and honestly, while it’s technically my story, I share it closely with two others.

If we could all put our Back to the Future time-traveling pants on and venture back to 1988.

A lovely couple, after celebrating their recent fifteenth wedding anniversary, was swept up in the chaos of a new project…the restoration of a 18th century historical home in central Connecticut. While the restoration project was huge and the property in general needed plenty of TLC, the couple was determined to remodel, upgrade and renovate this house into a home for it’s next owners, as they would move on to another project when it was finished. This was their passion...this and being killer party hosts and the best Aunt Jane and Uncle Richard their friends and family members knew. Without children of their own, they became the “cool adults” all of the family children wanted to spend time with, and for good reason. Saturday nights consisted of sneak SNL sessions and their Halloween parties were legend-wait for it-dary, putting any Barney Stinson night to shame! While they certainly knew how to celebrate the parties and good times, their dreams of being parents of their own just didn’t seem to fall into place. After heartbreaking losses, they transitioned their love to their godchildren and radiated love with just about everything they did.

With each project checked off the very detailed list, a new one was added. Wood floors that were destroyed by a previous owner’s dog companion, leaking roof slates that welcomed water with each passing cloud, kitchen tiles that could have been brown originally but the verdict is still out. The last thing they needed was something to push their very tight itinerary off track, (a trait I understand fully twenty-seven years later,) and the wife’s newly acquired flu was definitely not on the checklist. (I know, I know, shameless use of foreshadowing!)

As many can figure out, that flu was me….#sorrynotsorry! You can all take a moment to either wipe your tears or roll your eyes, maybe a mix of both.

I was born, oddly enough, on Thanksgiving morning, a few days before I was expected, close to that lovely house on the ridge and that house became a home before we knew it! Aunt Jane and Uncle Richard became Mom and Dad, shocking their family, friends but probably themselves the most. The coincidence of being born, especially in these circumstances, on Thanksgiving is one that’s not lost on us. Call it fate, karma, God, a miracle, good timing, or crazy, it’s probably a combination of everything. Without going into details, because as we’ve read previously, my “how babies are made” stories are slightly confusing and detrimental to my future sex life, the likelihood of my parents having me were as similar to the hopes and dreams of a Gilmore Girls reunion after the final shot was filmed...which now, years later is actually in the works. I’m sure they’ll LOVE that correlation to my life story! But seriously, I have no explanation behind why I’m here, why I was blessed with fabulous parents or why things happen for a reason.

The one truth that I carry with me from our story is this, and most who know me, know I live by this, we can’t wait around hoping and wishing that something will happen that will change our lives...we also can’t always go out, grab it and take it for ourselves either. We can, however, live each day with the hope that we have to move forward. We have to continue living moment by moment, loving, laughing, sharing, growing, trying and surround ourselves with people who support that. If we sit on our asses waiting for the life we want, it wont come, that I’m sure of, time will pass and we'll miss the living part. But if we find things that inspire us, that challenge us, and encourage us to live with a full heart and a life we’re proud to live, then sometimes a brief moment of fate, karma, God or miracle, step in and end up changing our lives for the better.

With the holiday season closely approaching, I'd like to leave you with a challenge...Are you ready?

Try to find the little miracles, gifts, moments of sheer life and laughter, steps toward your dreams or little wins. Spend time with those close to you, say "thank you" and mean it! Laugh and laugh even more. Have passion for something you're doing today. Give a compliment or lend a hand. Remember these moments, snap a photo, write them down, share with others. We have the power to make the world a happier future, what can you do to be a part of it?

with love, thanks and joy, Happy Thanksgiving!