Livin' The Dream!

Hi, my name is Margaret, well, Marge, and I'm....BUSY! 

First, let me apologize yet again, for getting you all hype about "the new and improved IW"(that's a thing now right?) and then disappearing off the face of the earth for nearly five months. If I'm being quite honest though, I'm not actually that sorry. Of course, I've missed writing and sharing with you, but I've spent these days fully living in the life I have, surrounded by friends, family and a job, all that truly inspire me to live a full life, rather then held up in a tower, surrounded by lights dreaming... Obviously, I could have given up binge watching How I Met Your Mother for the second time, getting aggressively addicted to Empire, or most recently, catching up with my high-school friends on The O.C. (thanks HULU). While I spend most of my working days surrounded and/or communicating with people all day, I fully support the need of a good marathon, that is. Not that much has changed with me! 

So let me take a bit to catch everyone up. If you were looking for some crazy life advice right now or maybe motivation to stick to your New Year's Reso"loooose"tions, I'm not making any promises. 

The last time we spoke was the first day of my 27th year, and again, if I'm being completely honest #safespace, I was semi-tipsy during the beginning portion of writing that, not that being tipsy disqualifies any of what I said. "A drunk mind speaks a truthful heart,"....or something like that. I was on the train home to my parent's house for the Thanksgiving holiday and had spent my birthday evening celebrating Thanksgiving with my new cohorts at Dia&Co. There were games, wonderful dinner, fabulous conversations, dancing and maybe a bit of was a glamorous entrance into this next chapter into my life. That being said, the message in my post about living life and enjoying the little moments of laughter and joy have obviously been a part of my past and will continue to be prevalent into my future. 

For those who weren't aware of my mission to change the world, for serious now, I started at Dia&Co in November after an incredible journey at Main Street Hub. I wrote about Dia back in June with  "Almost Famous: What's the Buzz" , and I can't even begin to describe what a dream it's been since I've joined their team. While I'm sure most of you saw this video when it was released by back in February, this is the perfect intro into "Marge 2016"...


Are you crying? Are you laughing at me crying? I'm not going to lie, I've seen this video probably over 100 times, and I still cry each time. 

I think what's really magical about this video, and why I'm emotional is that it brings a side of me out that not many get to see. It shows that we are all on this journey to strength, truth, wisdom, confidence, hope and love, and that we are not our past, we are not yet in the future, we just have these moments. The raw emotion of my past is something that I struggle to face every day, things we all struggle to face everyday. Coming to terms with those moments of darkness, realizing how close to the surface they are and knowing that each step forward is a step in the right direction is hard. I cry watching this for the girl I was, those moments when I believed the darkness and hate I'd heard was truth. I cry watching this for the woman I am now, fueled by the fire that I had to start to keep me alive with hope that I could be who ever I wanted to be. I know that sharing these moments of vulnerability and honesty can help me overcome and rally, inspire others to share their story, build their confidence and be proud of who they are and want to be.  


Recently, on another trip back home with my parents, my mother and I walked around my childhood neighborhood chatting. For years I struggled with the "future" questions, I watched friends accomplish goals, education, relationships and wondering what path I was on. Here I was, after years of questioning and soul-searching, side by side with mom, talking about how lucky I was to have this clear path in front of me. All along the answers were right inside of who I was. Through the pain, struggle, laughter, joy, journey and adventure, I've found my place at a company that is so true to my core, empowers not only me on a daily basis, but the women we work with to be unapologetically themselves, and constantly INSPIRES me to continue forward. 

I've realized that while we all spend so much time planning for the future, we miss out on the moments along our journey. I'll do my best to log these magical moments, share them, so that when I'm blessed with a future, I can remember the past and what built the person I am. 

Until next time.....

with joy,