#MyBodyFirst Campaign Sounds a Rallying Cry for a Body-Positive Shopping Experience

While I could spend this post writing about how busy I've been in the past few months with moving into my dream apartment, growing my career and focusing on personal growth, I'm just going to show you what magical work we're doing here at Dia&Co! 

When I think about a retail shopping experience, I think the first thing that comes to mind is something that’s very disheartening
It always seems as though when I try something on and it doesn’t quite fit, that I just need to be a little bit different.
That if one part of me were smaller or another part of me was shaped differently, then I could wear the clothes.
What that feels like never really gets easier.

Going into a store and nothing is going to fit you, you really kind of feel like, okay well what’s wrong with me?

It’s hard to feel like I’m not the problem.
— www.dia.co/mybodyfirst

Key Findings from Dia&Co Shopping Satisfaction Study:

  • 22% of women reported feeling happy the last time they left a fitting room.
  • 33% of women reported that the last time they left a fitting room, they felt significantly worse than when they entered the fitting room.
  • On average, women reported that 74% of the clothing items that they try on in a fitting room do not fit them.
  • Women who wear sizes 14+ try on 24% fewer items of clothing in fitting rooms (4.97 items) than women who wear sizes 0-12 (6.53 items).
  • Of the clothing that was tried on, a larger percentage did not fit women who wear sizes 14+ (77% of items) compared to women who wear sizes 0-12 (72% of items).
We believe that style can spark self-love. Fashion can be fun. And clothing can be a powerful form of self-expression. But too often, the typical shopping experience doesn’t reflect that. It’s time for a change.
— Dia&Co