Daily Dose: Day Three "MotiVACAtional Monday"

This post was originally shared on January 19, 2015.

While I spent most of the day in my jersey, wallowing in the loss of the Green Bay Packers, (see yesterday's "Daily Dose: Day Two 'How Football (and a Neanderthal) Saved My Life'") I couldn't help but hear the voice in my head reminding me to keep to my Daily Dose promise.

As some may know, I'm currently on my annual winter paid vacation and reveling in time, space and comfy sweats. With travel plans later in the week, I've been grateful to have a few days to myself to catch up on all the things I say I am "too busy" to do when I'm working. Honestly, my closet isn't going to get cleaned and the tub of random bath and beauty projects from when I moved apartments has been just fine until now, what's another few months?

Basically, besides from spending yesterday watching football, my days have been full of laundry and a Friends marathon, not that I'm complaining. With working a busy schedule, it's days like today that make me feel almost guilty spending it on the couch instead of hustling around the city and "fighting fashion, one outfit at a time!"

While I lounged and watched Friends, I couldn't help but recognize the correlation between my life to theirs. Don't worry, I didn't go and get the "Rachel" haircut...again! In all the previous times watching the show, I always looked up to the characters for having their lives together and seeming so much older and mature. Now, that I am the age of most of them, I relate to Rachel's struggle finding a job, Monica's need for a healthy relationship and future family, Joey's ambition to follow his heart and pursue his dreams. I can see a bit of me in all of them and somehow find comfort in their difficulties. After years of putting these characters in realm where I never thought I would live, I am right there besides them, dealing with all of the same issues.

As many do, I find it difficult to avoid comparing myself to others. It's easy to watch others make big moves for work, relationships, families, and think that you're remaining stagnant. I recently came across a quote, on Pinterest of course, that helped put things into a different perspective.

Yes, we see others moving at rates different then our own. Some quickly move ahead and then retreat, while others take their time and approach slowly. As a charge to the future for both myself and my readers, I'd like to move forward and bloom. Take time to appreciate the beauty in the flowers, and the world around us, knowing that we will bloom when we are ready on our own. We must trust our world to provide nutrients for our brains and our hearts to become our true selves and stand strong in who we are. This is coming off way more hippy-chic than I expected, very Phoebe Buffay, but we need to stop comparing ourselves to others. We each have our own lives, struggles, skills, and strengths, to help us continue on in this journey. Although, it won't end with a Friends reunion, it will give us memories of each season, recalling the beauty of who we've become and who's been there all along. I've noticed that like flowers, it is rare to find just one growing in a garden. Surround yourselves with people who find that beauty and share in the glow of the sun!