"Lip Stain...100% kick ass, 50% the effort"

This post was originally shared on March 29, 2015.

I'd first like to apologize to all the women I secretly judged while watching them loathingly "touching-up" every time they caught a glimpse of their reflection. Sure, you're pretty, we get it! But will glossed, puckered and plump lips really change the world? Will a pop of red make it look like I've slept more than 4 hrs? Will it give me the confidence to tackle all life's biggest problems?

Damn straight, it does!!!!

At the beginning of this year, I complimented a friend of mine who always had perfectly matte colorful lips, yet I rarely saw her apply. What is this mystical wonder-paint that doesn't seem to catch on her hair, spread from her chin to her nostrals, and give her the final touch on her already flawless style?

Now, this isn't an advertisement, BUT if Sephora wants to give me a lifetime supply of their Lip Stain in every color, I will gladly try a different color a day and Instagram it and love every second! (wink wink, nudge nudge, tweet tweet!) With much skepticism, I purchased my first tube for $14. God knows, how much money I've spent on lipsticks, glosses, balms and putty over the years and none of it actually made it into my daily routine for more than a week. This was my chance...

It's magical! Straight up, magical! I am converted, partially, to the lipstick girl lifestyle! Hellooo, fellas!

Day one:

"WOW! You look so awake! What's different?"

"Are those new glasses?"

"Oh, the lips! YES! Do that every day!"

Ok, so maybe some of this was just in my head when I caught a glimpse in the mirror at a woman I didn't recognize. I looked awake, alive, healthy, happy and confident...all because of a little red lip stain.

Now, I can't let the lip stain take all the credit, but it was definitely the boost in the right direction that I needed. I love the simplicity of it:

Step one: Apply before I walk out the door...

(Step one and a half, check to make sure it's in the right places. The wrong smudge or hit on the teeth can make or break a day, more importantly a smile!)

Step two: Conquer the world!

That's it! Sure, it will fade just like the love made up in a Nicholas Sparks novel, but by God, it puts up a damn good fight! Depending on coffee intake and bagel to breakfast ratio, it stays on until lunch. A quick wave of the wand and an Altoid (they can sponsor me too!) and I'm ready to continue on changing the world, one smile and two dimples at a time! 

While I was skeptical at first, the sheer simplicity and ease of this new addition to my purse, has become a daily necessity. I will never be the kind of girl who primps and plumps for hours just to run to the store, hell you'd be lucky if I was wearing a bra...tmi? whatever. But for the days where coffee, a little bit of bass in my head, and the right outfit can't get me raring to go, I'll settle for the finishing touch of sheer bad-ass.